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  Welcome Who Am I I-nspire You! What Inspires you? What is NLP I-nspire Products      
Who Am I   Why you are here?

What inspires me...

I coach to inspired action!

Are you a heart driven leader wanting to live a purposeful, pleasurable and passionate life seeking support, empowerment and inspiration?

I elicit purpose and meaning!

Are you an executive, leadership diamond or individual going through a challenging life transition?

I encourage focused balance!

Are you ready to design your life consciously for balance and vitality?

I awaken insight and inspiration!

Are you attracted to the place where science meets spirit? This process combines spiritual insights with a diverse range of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) skills, concepts and techniques.

I leverage courage and capability!

Are you ready to be coached into finding your voice and fully expressing your highest creative potential?

I inflame passion and joy!

I have the eye of an artist, the heart of a writer and the soul of a poet. My favourite expressions are dancing, writing, painting, connecting with nature and children and playing with my children.
Do you want to...  
  • Think things through
  • Set clear goals for success
  • Make integrated decisions / choices

    Jacque Allschwang

    Self Leadership & Self Expression Coach

    BA Industrial Psych. PDM WBS NLP Master Practitioner Coach

    10 years business and practical coaching experience

  • Deal with emotions as resources
  • Get feedback on stuck patterns
  • Eliminate beliefs that limit you
  • Unlearn invalid meanings
  • Integrate new skills
  • Create new patterns of excellence
  • Create an action plan for next steps
  • Create a new identity
  • Set up an accountability structure
  • Are you Ready?

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